Univernaturalism | Intro
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The philosophical principal that everything is Self, for if life had a purpose or meaning it would be self-discovery and discovery in general which is self-oriented. Univernaturalism is an extension of Nihilism.

The Life identity with the life force is an illusion…the life matrix, we are our own teacher.

On Nature…

Everything is nature, one’s self is nature, earth, and the Universe…is it not safe to say that “if” there is a Creator, it itself would be nature. And if we were to give it a name would it not be Nature. And if the Creator is Nature, is it not safe to say that it is not the natural world but its own entity, for we are nature and come from the natural world and are our own entity, unlike the notion of a “Force”. Further our mind is a supernatural power and form as is our soul and spirit, there by the Creator can be said to exist as a supernatural form of nature.

KA = Soul = Consciousness = Right & Wrong = Light as a Feather. African Egyptian
KA = (Not GOD) Univernature (Universe) = The Laws of Life Itself.

This is the true saying of Conscious KA meaning Soul and Self, not consciousness only. KA is very embedded.

Univernaturalism: Ex’t of Nihilism