Univernaturalism | Notes: My Perspective
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Nihilist Perspective:

Just Notes on Youtube Channels: 


The question all religions never answer: why they all have different names for the Creator, and have a limited understanding of mankind’s spiritual history. Like why, is the word Creator replaced with the word God. Why have God believers not noticed that the word God derived from the very name Sun God, who they say…the Gods and Goddesses never existed. Now, as for the designer or architect of Uninature or Universe: The fact of the matter is if there is a creator it would have to be nature itself and the only name that fits that is Mother Nature or Great Mother Nature. So, to all believers how did all the priest in the world get who the Creator is wrong. And the ultimate question is why believers try so hard to get everyone to believe or worship, or is it believe or worship. Non-worship has nothing to do with the Creator’s exist, it has to do with walking this world independent and separate from the Creator, which has been done for 200,000 thousand years since the time of a life for a life sacrifices given to the Creator by our ancestors years ago.


As for Nihilism: Nihilism understanding; inherit no purpose nor meaning to life and no inherit morality. However, all professional Nihilist understand that the reason there is no meaning and purpose is because the design of life was created with a blank slate, this gives us the freedom to choose our own purpose and meaning. As for morality, morality is learned by species over time as order. But if nature had a inherit purpose or meaning it would be self-discovery and discovery in general, because life is essentially based on learning and teaching (mind). The first nihilist were Russian.


Nihilism is not a mental condition. It is an understanding of the design of life. This confusion about life’s design and nihilism effects, nihilism effects are conditions based on a persons understanding of nihilism.


All Nihilist say no worship of the Creator and no religion. O, I’m a Nihilist.