Univernaturalism | Intro
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Univernaturalism is an extension of Nihilism.

Univernaturalism: Ex’t of Nihilism

The philosophical principal that everything is Self, for if life had a purpose or meaning it would be self-discovery and discovery in general which is self-oriented. And with the Self lies independence and freedom from the Higher Creator, for we are an independent species, meaning no religion, no deities.


Univernaturalism: Discussions:  


Uninature means the cosmos or Universe, or uni – one  and nature – meaning nature itself. 


  • Understanding our Higher Self: Conscious KA – African Egyptian  Soul  = Light as a Feather. 
  • Understanding Nihil: Nihilism 
  • Understanding the Uninatural Laws in life itself: The Three Laws of Life our Direct Higher Teacher 
  • Understanding Uninature: The Natural World, Earth is our Direct Creator and our Direct Higher Teacher 
  • Understanding the Higher Creator: Nature; the Indirect Creator and the Creator of uninature and all religions 
  • Understanding Supernatural Power and Power: Basic Foundations for spiritualism and self development.
  • Understanding Non-Creator Spiritualism: Spirituality without the Creator and how to create your own spiritual-walk.


Nihilism, philosophically is correct, but for reasons that have not been fully understood. Many scholars have perceived for years that nihilism expresses an emotional state of being or a mental condition, or per say causes one. This however is solely due to a lack of understanding in the nature or philosophical approach of Nihilist and Nihilism. Nihilism was always about the “truth” or facts and in the quest for truth and facts, Nihilism was a conversation of peoples discussing the design of life, the meaning of life, and the architect that created it. In this discussion rose such principals as no inherit meaning and no purpose and no inherit morality. But the conversation always remained about life’s design. The Nihilistic state of being most are familiar with is what is called Nihil. Understanding Nihil in life. 


On Nature…


 Everything is nature, one’s self is nature, earth, and uninature…is it not safe to say that “if” there is a Creator, it itself would be nature. And if we were to give it a name would it not be Nature. And if the Creator is Nature, is it not safe to say that it is not the natural world but its own entity, for we are nature and come from the natural world and are our own entity, unlike the notion of a “Force” in Hindu. Further our mind is a supernatural power and form as is our soul and spirit, there by the Creator can be said to exist in a supernatural form through out uninature.


On the Direct Teachers…

A person who walks in life without a Higher Creator connection is not lost in some void and empty space nor world mentally. We walk with the Uninatural Laws of Life has our direct teachers and the Planetary Creator, Earth as our other direct teacher. Life is a teacher and the teacher in life is the Uninatural Laws and the Direct Creator. The Uninatural Laws are the Law of Balance, the Law of Chaos, and the Law of Cause and Effect. These are the only laws in life, all other laws are an illusion. Our Planetary Creator teaches thru science or in other words, we learn from our Creator by studying how our Planetary Creator creates. Our Planetary Creator created us thru evolution, the Higher Creator did not directly create us, it speared life on the planet and created the planet, but not directly us as a species.

On the In-direct Creator… Why is Nature here with us?

Who created the Earth and galaxies and cosmos, the Indirect Creator, Nature and the Uninatural Laws. The Higher Creator, Nature works with the Uninatural Laws when creating existence. Nature is only here with our species to one, validate it’s existence meaning it wanted to be know for it was unknown to species before now, and two, to create a re-design so to speak of Uninature, its simply adding it’s existence, knowledge of it’s existence into the fabric of life. Who teaches species that the Higher Creator exist, that is a very complex question, summary, the Uninatural Laws and the our Planetary Creators. We learn in life. The Higher Creator will leave earth it will not stay, and all species without Uninature will begin to learn of the Higher Creator’s existence.